Wavin 4 English Miles

For many the entry distance to show you, but for the real 4 mileers the race to show you. From the start behind the station (Koggelaan) it winds into the city centre, with a partial lap of the Scania Zwolse Half Marathon race route, to finish on the Grote Markt. More than 6 kilometers (6.4 km) loud encouragement from acquaintances, but also from people who enjoy your achievement. A sea of cries, music and loud cheers. You’re going to live it!

Start and finish
The Wavin 4 English Miles starts at 19.00 hours for race runners and business runners. At 7.15 pm the starting gun falls for holidaymakers. The race route starts on the Koggelaan and goes via the Van Karnebeekstraat (bus) tunnel to a one-lap route in the city centre. The finish is on the Grote Markt. The course is KNAU certified.

Classification starting boxes 4 English Miles
Box 1 = Race runners (7 p.m.)
Box 2 = Business Runners (7 p.m.)
Box 3 = Recreation (7.15pm)
Box 4 = Schoolchildren and Irun2Bfit (7.15pm)

Each participant receives a medal as a reminder after the finish. As in previous years, it is also possible to indicate at the time of registration whether you want the commemorative medal engraved. Engraving is done after the finish with a high-quality laser and a patented control program. The engraving – name and time – makes the commemorative medal unique and personal. A medal with engraving costs 7.00 euros at pre-registration and 8.50 euros afterwards.

Wheelers, handbikers and
buggies The course is NOT suitable for wheelers, handbikers and buggies. For security reasons, they cannot participate in the 4 English Miles.  HOWEVER,  it is possible to participate in the Golden Mile.

Class classification 4 English Miles
On the basis of the complete registration form, one is divided into the following classes:

  1. KNAU Men and Women;
  2. Recreation Men and Women.

If you do not complete the form, you will automatically be assigned to the holidaymakers.

Changing room and shower facilities
Participants can use the changing rooms and shower facilities of On Campus at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences until 11.30 pm.

Clothing transport
At the clothing buses, near the starting box, there is a bag for each participant on which the starting number is indicated. At the start number is a bag label that can be used for the clothing bag. This bag can be returned near the starting box. Afterwards you can pick up the clothing bag at the Eekwal, just past the finish. (pay attention to the numbering!) N.B only (or similar) bags provided by the organization can be delivered. Own (sports/back or similar) bags are not taken! Remember, you don’t leave any stuff in the City Office. It closes at 8:30 p.m.