Time registration

At the Scania Zwolse Half Marathon, the MYLAPS BibTag is used to record your time. At the back of the starting number (Bib) is an electronic chip (Tag). BibTag makes recording times very easy: you only need to carry the starting number correctly.

Observe the following points and ensure a good time registration:

  • Wear the starting number visible and well on the chest. Do not cover the starting number with a jacket or with your hands while passing the mats, including on the start and finish line. These mats pick up the signal from your BibTag. Also pay attention to pressing your own stopwatch on the start and finish line.
  • Do not attempt to fold or wrinkle the starting number. Certainly not where the tag is located. This prevents problems.
  • The starting number will be sent by post no later than one week in advance. Use pins on the vertices to confirm the starting number, and do not pierce the tag.
  • The BibTag works on the basis of a different technology than the MYLAPS ChampionChip. That is why you cannot use your yellow or green MYLAPS ChampionChip during the Zwolse Half Marathon and the 4 English Miles.
  • After the game it is not necessary to hand in the BibTag. You can keep the starting number with tag as a reminder!
  • In the result, the gross time is the official time. This starts the moment the starting shot falls and stops the moment you cross the finish line. The net time is the time that starts the moment you pass the mat on the starting line and stop when you cross the finish line. The net time is an additional service.