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Above is an overview of the Zwolle city center. The dark blue line is the route of the Scania Zwolle Half Marathon. After a short run-up, the participants make three rounds. The Wavin 4 English Miles consists of one lap (red). Click on the image for a PDF file of the course.

  • Start Scania Zwolle Half Marathon, at the Koggelaan (8.15 pm);
  • Start Wavin 4 English Miles – competition runners + BR, at the Koggelaan (7 pm);
  • Start Wavin 4 English Miles – recreationists, at the Koggelaan (7.15 pm);
  • Start Special Run Half Marathon Zwolle, at the Luttenbergstraat (7 pm);
  • Finish on the Grote Markt at Stadscafé Blij;
  • Shower and changing facilities from On Campus,
    Windesheim University of Applied Sciences at Campus 2-6;
  • Participants can take public transport to Zwolle station, near the starting location.

Free parking at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Campus 2-6 in Zwolle.

Information for residents and businesses

Important information for residents and businesses in the city centre, Diezerpoort, Bagijneweide, Groot Wezenland and Wipstrik.

The course and the surrounding roads are closed during the Wavin 4 English Miles and the Scania Zwolse Half Marathon. The organization does its utmost to reduce the traffic nuisance, but to ensure the safety of the runners and visitors, the organization does not escape the closure of a part of the city.

The area around and within the course will be closed to traffic on Saturday 12 June 2021 between 18:00 and approximately 23:00.  There are various traffic measures in place.

The closed area is enclosed by the following roads and streets: Nieuwe Havenbrug – Kamperpoortenbrug – Pannekoekendijk – Schuttevaerkade, Burgemeester Drijbersingel – Diezerkade – Brink – Bagijnesingel – Hanekamp – Wipstrikkerallee – Leo Majorlaan – Weteringbrug – Wethouder Alferinkweg – Luttenbergstraat – Schuurmanstraat – Groot Wezenland – Kerkbrugje – Wilhelminasingel – Ter Pelkwijkstraat – Gasthuisplein – Oude Vismarkt – Grote Markt – Grote Kerkplein – Sassenstraat – Luttekestraat – Melkmarkt – Jufferenwal – Eekwal.

The organization advises residents inside and to the said area, who need their car during the closure, to park the car outside the closed area early.

From 16.30 the municipality starts placing the deposits on the course. This may cause some traffic disruption. From 18:00 onwards, the route will be closed to traffic. Traffic will be diverted where necessary. The diversion route is indicated on signs and text carts.

During the Half Marathon, a number of residential areas are limited in reach. This includes the city centre, Bagijnemeadow, Groot Wezenland and part Wipstrik and Diezerpoort. Assendorp/Pierik is accessible via the IJsselallee – Ittersumallee – Marsweg and Diezerpoort via Ceintuurbaan – Meppelerstraatweg. For Wipstrik, there are possibilities via Ceintuurbaan – Herenweg and Boerendanserdijk.

The Rodetoren bridge is closed to (moped) cyclists and pedestrians during the Half Marathon. As an alternative route you can drive or walk via the Kamperpoorterbridge.

The 4 English Miles starts at 19.00 and the Half Marathon at 20.15 at Koggelaan at the rear of the NS station (Hanzeland). The Koggelaan is closed to all traffic between 16:00 and 21:00 between 16:00 and 21:00 after the junction with Hanzeallee – Hanzelaan. During the preparation and start, the Hanzelaan is also closed to traffic. Visitors to the station, the car parks Lübeck and Pas de Deux and surroundings should therefore take into account moments of obstruction between 18.45 and 20.30.

For participants of the Half Marathon, the organization has arranged for them to be able to park at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.

The route for the 4 English Miles (first start 19.00) runs via the Koggelaan – Hanzelaan – Van Karnebeektunnel – Van Karnebeekstraat – Mayor of Roijensingel – Emmawijk – Harm Smeengekade – Pannekoekendijk – Burg. Drijbersingel – Diezerkade – Brink – Bagijnesingel – Turfmarkt – Luttenbergstraat – Schuurmanstraat – Groot Wezenland – Kerkbrugje – Ter Pelkwijkstraat – Gasthuisplein – Oude Vismarkt – Grote Markt.

The route for the Half Marathon (start 20.15) runs from the start to the city centre via the Koggelaan – Hanzelaan – Van Karnebeektunnel – Van Karnebeekstraat – Mayor of Roijensingel – Sassenpoortenbrug Wilhelminasingel – Ter Pelkwijkstraat.

The traffic on the Mayor of Roijensingel – Groot Wezenland – Van Karnebeekstraat has been curtailed for about 20 minutes due to the start of the 4 English Miles and the Half Marathon at 19.00 and 20.15. At the front of the NS station, traffic is controlled by traffic controllers between 18.45 and 20.30.

Bus traffic control
In good consultation with and with full cooperation of the public carriers Syntus and Connexxion, the city and regional bus lines operate a modified route. The city and regional lines mainly run through the outer ring of Zwolle.  Via the A28 Centre – Katerdijk – Harm Smeengekade – Emmawijk is driven to the station and vice versa to the districts/region. There is also driving via station – Oosterlaan – Deventerstraatweg – Hortensiastraat – Marsweg – Gerenweg – Oldeneelallee to Ceintuurbaan, among others Isala and other destinations. Via this route, the lines also return to the station.

Isala on the Dr. Van Heesweg remains accessible by public transport and car. From the station there are city and regional lines; By car from the south, the hospital is accessible via the Marsweg – Oldeneelallee – Ceintuurbaan, but not via Marsweg – Leo Majorlaan. And from the north via A28 exit 20 – Ceintuurbaan.

Traffic with destination inner city is advised to drive via A28 Centrum – Katerdijk or via A28 Noord – Ceintuurbaan – Meppelerstraatweg – Van Wevelinkhovenstraat, and then use one of the parking locations. The parking referral system indicates the locations and number of available parking spaces. See also

Parking location Turfmarkt is not accessible during the Half Marathon. Recommended parking locations for visitors downtown is parking garage Katwolderplein. It is easily accessible via the A28 Centre.

Pedestrian crossings long the trail

To reach the city centre are four pedestrian crossings along the route, at the following locations:

  1. Q-Park parking garage Maagjesbolde
  2. Burg. Drijbersingel near the pedestrian bridge Theater De Spiegel
  3. Ter Pelkwijkstraat near ‘t Kerkbrugje
  4. Schuurmanstraat at Thomas a Kempis College.

(Recreational) shipping – Passantenhaven Maagjesbole
To be able to reach or leave the passer-by port maagjesbole via water, bridge service is required. On Saturday 12 June this is possible until 18:00; bridge service is possible again on Sunday 13 June from 10:00 a.m.

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Together with you it is possible to make it a wonderful event. The Scania Zwolse Half Marathon is both a sporting and a musical event. More than thirty music venues can be found along the course. The organisation hopes that everyone will understand the traffic measures taken in cooperation with the municipality of Zwolle. The organisation apologises in advance for any inconvenience caused.


  • The organization can be reached by email:
  • On 11, 12 and 13 June, you can reach us by phone number: +31 6 25 45 72 16.