Business Runs

Following the success of the past editions, two Business Runs will also be held this year, namely the Craft  Business Run (Half Marathon) and the  Salverda Business Run (4 English Miles). Business Runs in many other races have shown that many runners find it challenging to go for the cause with colleagues.

Defend the honor of your company during the Scania Zwolse Half Marathon with its own classification and prizes for the business teams. As a team, you benefit from a number of important advantages, while you do not miss out on the competition and atmosphere during this event. You walk with and among numerous other participants, enthusiastically encouraged by many thousands of spectators and under great interest from the media.

Participants who have already participated in various Business Runs indicate that it is not just about the sporting achievement. The conviviality and the honor are just as important. The Business Runs are an event with a motivating character for the runners and the supporters, who support their team morally. Relationship marketing, publicity and the possibility to exchange experiences with other companies make it an event with many possibilities.


  • Each team has a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 runners.
  • The result of both Business Runs is recorded in a separate team classification. Of the finishing participants, the fastest three net times are added up. The sum of the times determines the place in the leaderboard. The team with the fastest net total time is the winner.
  • All participants are also individually included in the total result of the distance in question (this also applies to competition athletes).

The following advantages make participating in a Business Run very attractive:

  1. Indication of the company name in the results.
  2. Publication of the results on
  3. Of course, you can walk in your own outfit for recognisability as a company.
  4. Medal for all participants.
  5. Swap cup for the winners and a trophy for the first three teams.
  6. For the participants, a special VIP area is created in the Grote Kerk. You will receive further specific information about this no later than one week in advance.


 each team.
Craft Business Run (Half Marathon), incl. Shirts:€ 375,-
Salverda Business Run (4EM), incl. Shirts:€ 325,-

Payment for the Business Runs is based on invoicing. Prices do not include VAT.

The starting tickets are collectively sent by post to the organizations. The contact person of your organization will receive information about this by e-mail prior to the event. This year the MYLAPS BibTag will be used. This tag can be used once and therefore does not have to be returned afterwards. The costs for the BibTag are included in the registration fee.