Wavin 4 English Miles

For many this is the entry race to show yourself, but for the die hard 4 Milers this is the place to be. From the start behind the central Station (Koggelaan) the track zigzags its way into the town centre, partially crossing the Scania Zwolse Half Marathon track, finishing at the Grote Markt. More than 6 km (6,4) cheers and support from the gathered crowds at the side lines. Music, the sound of being cheered on, and more… You are in for a treat!

Start and finish
The Wavin 4 English Miles starts at 19.15 hrs at the Koggelaan and runs along the Van Karnebeekstraat(bus)tunnel to a track of one round in the town centre. The finish is at the Grote Markt. The track is KNAU certified.

Layout startingplaces 4 English Miles
Section 1 = Competition runners (19.00 hrs)
Section 2 = Business Runners (19.00 hrs)
Section 3 = Recreationists (19.15 hrs)
Section 4 = High school students and Irun2Bfit (19.15 hrs)

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Each participant receives a medal after finishing as a keepsake. Just as the previous years it is possible to the engrave your medal, make sure to put this in your registration. The medal can be engraved with your name and date after the finish and will cost 6,50 euro if you register this in avance or 8 euro on the spot.

Wheelers, handbikers and strollers
The trail is NOT suited for wheelers, handbikers and strollers. Due to safety issues they cannot participate at the Half Marathon.

Classifiction layout 4 English Miles
Based on your complete registration form runners are divided into the following classification:

If you don’t fill out the entire registration you will automatically be placed at the recreationists.

Shower and dressrooms
Participants can use the shower and dressrooms at On Campus at Hogeschool Windesheim till 23.30 hrs.

Clothing bags
Near the start line there will be a bag for each participant with a starting number. At the starting number you can find a tag for your clothing bag, which you can hand in near the starting line. Afterwards you can retrieve the bag at Eekwal, near the finish line. Please be advised that only bags from the organization can be used, not your own. Don’t leave any of your personal belonings at the Stadskantoor, as it will close at 20.30 hrs.

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