Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions.

Will there be a waitinglist once the participant list has reached a max?
No, we don’t have a waitinglist and you cannot register yourself on the day of the Half Marathon either.

I didn’t receive a confirmation of my registration?
A confirmation will be send to your email adress, please make sure to fill out the form properly. A confirmation will only be send after payment of your entry.

What are the costs of participation?
Participation in the 4 English Miles costs 16 euros. And a  starting number for the Half Marathon costs 26 euros.

How can I pay?
You can complete your registration by using an Ideal payment service. Once you have paid for your registration it is NOT possible to retrieve your entrance fee.

What is the minimaal age to enter the contest?
Particpation in the Half Marathon requires a minimum age of 18 years, the English 4 Miles requires a minimum age of 12 years. 

How is my time registered?
For the proper time registration a so called MYLAPS BibTag is used.

When will I receive my starting number?
The starting number will be send by mail, at the latest one week in advance of the Half Marathon.

When can I transfer my starting number?
You can transfer your number to another person between the 13th of May untill the 6st of June 17.00 hrs. Please use the special online transfer form to make these changes.

Be advised that the starting number will still bear the original registration name, however the partipants name will be used at the results list. Changes for business-runners and high school students can only be made by the contact person of their respective teams.

Are there additional costs for the transfer?
Yes, an additional 5 euro will be credited to your account.

Will I receive a new starting number after the transfer?
No, changes after the registration will be taken care of by participants themselves. Please contact each other and make sure the starting number is exchanged before the Half Marathon.

I don’t live in the Netherlands, will my starting number be send to my home as well?
No, this is not possible. Please collect your starting number on the 15th of June between 17.00 and 19.00 hrs at the Stadskantoor, Lübeckplein 2 in Zwolle (near the start of the Half Marathon).

Where is the start?
The Wavin 4 English Miles starts at 19.15 hrs at the Koggelaan. Exactly one hour before (20.15 hrs) the start of the Scania Zwolse Half Marathon at the same location.

Where is the finish?
The finish is at the Grote Markt and closes at 23.00 hrs.

What is the time limit for the Scania Zwolse Half Marathon?
At 22.15 hrs the passage at the Grote Markt will be closed for the final round. Make sure to start your final stretch of 6 kilometers before this time period. The finish will close at 23:00 hrs.

Can I change my distance trail?
You can switch your preferred track from Half Marathon to the 4 English Miles, however it is not possible to switch from the 4 English Miles to a Half Marathon. Also note that your entrance fee will not be reimbursed.

Where can I park?
Free of charge parking can be found at the  Hogeschool Windesheim, Campus 2-6 in Zwolle.

Can I leave my belongings at the start?
Yes, there will be busses with clothing bags standby at the start of the Half Marathon.

Is it possible to shower afterwards?
Yes, shower and dress rooms are available till 23:30 hrs at On Campus bij Hogeschool Windesheim.

What can I do when there’s been a mistake in my registration?
If you have any questions please contact us at

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