Business Runs

In additional to the succesful editions of last couple of years the Business Runs will also take place this year. Running together with your coworkers and representing your company adds an extra challenge to the run!

The Business Run has its own rules, ranking and awards for the teams. Public relations and marketing, publicity and exchanging experiences with other teams: all the while enjoying everything that the marathon itself has to offer.


© Annet van Raalten

Why join as a company and run together with your team?



1st team

Additional team

Craft Business Run (Half Marathon), shirts included:

€ 325,-

€ 310,-

Craft Footwear Run (4EM), shirts included:

€ 280,-

€ 260,-

Payment per invoice for the competing companies.

The starting permits will be send by mail delivery to the contact person of the companies.

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