Up here you can find an overview of the town center of Zwolle. The blue dotted trail is the run up of the Scania Zwolse Half Marathon, with the blue line indicating the trail you can run (3x). De Wavin 4 English Miles consists of a run up (red) and 1 track (red). Visitors can follow the green line, from start to finish.

  1. Start Scania Zwolse Halve Marathon, at the Koggelaan (20.15 hrs);
  2. Start Wavin 4 English Miles, at the Koggelaan (19.15 hrs);
  3. Finish at the Grote Markt near Stadscafé Blij;
  4. Shower and location for change of clothes at On Campus bij Hogeschool Windesheim at the Campus 2-6;
  5. Participants can use public transport to reach the central station, near the start location of the marathon. 

Parking options

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